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The self service style car wash bay, also referred to as a coin or token operated method, is fairly straight forward. This bay will have sufficient space for a vehicle to pull into and for driver to move about the car throughout the washing process. The self service bay is run on a timer method. The customer locations coins or dollars into the timer system which will then permit them to use the bays water and chemicals for a set period of time.

The typical self service vehicle wash bay will have a pressurized wand that dispenses soapy water, clean rinse water and frequently other options like a spray on polish or wax, or an engine cleaning answer. This allows the customer to spray their vehicle with a cleaning answer, rinse off that cleaning answer with clean water and also spray a protective coat of wax more than their newly cleaned vehicle. Once the time expires the customer simply replaces the wand on the rack and drives off.

In addition to the stress wand numerous self service vehicle wash systems will have a Foaming Brush. This will be hooked up to the system and will dispense soapy water from within the head of the scrubbing brush. This is a helpful feature for those clients with vehicles that need a more through cleaning that the stress wand can provide while at the exact same time can save water for the car wash.

Additionally other services can be provided. From a simple factor like floor mat holders allowing customers to spray and clean their floor mats, vending machines selling other car cleaning goods, soft drinks or candy and more all can add to the profitability of a car wash location.

A self service vehicle wash can be a solid business based on your area, the demographics of the population and the common layout of it. These are often used in conjunction with automatic car wash bays in the same facility providing clients a option in filling their requirements, attracting these with differing budgets and time constraints.

This style of vehicle wash can be well-liked due to relative low cost to your customer and ease of use. The downside is that this kind of carwash can deteriorate more quickly than a full service car wash. At occasions this style of business is not staffed during normal business hours and can consequently become abused, dirty and topic to theft. No business runs itself so be sure to adequately staff even a self service car wash!

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