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Rocket score but more embarrassing defensive it? Opponent fire more fierce Tencent Sports News previously appeared on the road three-game losing streak, 5 days 4 war physical fitness is understood as the main reason; the immediate is a set of 5 days and 4 wars, the rocket's start of the war or failed to grasp the good home at Beijing time January 16 109-117 lost to the Clippers, the next 4 days 3 war is all away, the prospects for the Rockets really can not make people optimistic. Just the problem of poor offensive it? Look at the opponent's firepower, the answer at a glance. When the Rockets won five straight games a week ago, they scored 106 points last season as the only scoring team in the league to score that point. As a result, the rocket record ups and downs of the first offensive to find the problem - the Hornets get 79 points, against the Celtics were 91 points, 76 points are 100 points; on the Clippers on the 16th, with Douglas and others in the rubbish Time three-pointers scored 109 points; offensive clues really can not be exciting. Then the Rockets scored four games in a row is to gradually increase the score, which can explain the rocket adjustment effect? wake up! Rocket 4-game losing streak to improve the score at the same time, the opponent's score climbing effect is more obvious - Hornets 88 points for the Rockets, the Celtics 103 points, 76 107 points, Clippers is 117 points. Rockets increase the amount of credit, apparently less aggressive rival momentum. The word 'defense' must be eye-catching. Booker said the rocket to better control the rhythm, Harden emphasized opponents can always put the ball that Rockets no follow-up, Mike Haier also pointed out the importance of defense. But it is not the Rockets do not work hard, one lack of defensive strongman, and secondly in the offensive and defensive selection of the team's defensive literacy is not Title Loaded From File perfect, at least not with the rocket that the western top 8 corresponding to the rankings. Once faced with the absolute offensive characteristics of the players and the team, the rocket defense is even more passive. At this time also looking forward to chase the impact of opponents too far-fetched. Chasing is not as simple as speeding up. A war with the Celtics, the Green stated that they will not grab the offensive rebounds before, that is, to quickly back to defensive, as an example opponents will find ways to limit the rocket speed. Basis for speeding up the premise is not only the defensive hardness, but also includes the battlefield strength, often the rotation of the opponent's defense to reflect the effect, we will appreciate the Rockets or the lack of offensive strength. Probably, this is the reaction of the objective strength of the rocket. Rushing to the sixth in the west does not mean that absolute power has come to this point. Maintain the winning percentage of 50% of the lifeline and the fight for the playoffs, this should be the rocket's continued attitude throughout the season. (Sky fire)