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It is challenging enough exporting or importing goods overseas, but if your business is involved in shipping goods on a large scale or bulk shipping, then much more than most likely you will be looking to load shipping containers. A shipping container is a large steel unit that carries a wide variety of various goods and commodities around the globe and come in various sizes....and shapes. Depending on the goods your company deals with, will determine the kind of container equipment you can use - but generally most companies can utilise a 3 particular sized containers. The only distinction between these three container sizes are the following

- A 40' container can take more weight and overall CBM (cubic metrers) than a 20ft container - A 40' high cube container, can take more weight and overall CBM (cubic metres), than a 40ft container

In general most shippers can function with either a 20ft container or a 40ft container and do not require to utlise the 40ft higher cube container option. After all, the higher cube truly generally allows you to ship items which have a greater height and can't be accommodated in a regular 40' container. Upon calculating how much cargo you are shipping, will then enable you to decide on whether or not you are shipping a 20ft container or 40ft container. In general, if you are utilizing the services of a freight forwarder, then they will be able to deal with this for you - assuming you have told them exactly what it is you are shipping, such as the number of pallets, boxes and gross weight and dimensions.

The freight forwarder would then arrange for the right sized container to be delivered to your warehouse at a prearranged date/time, for loading by your company. If however you do not want to appoint the services of a freight forwarding company and would sooner go direct to the shipping line, then you will need to deal with a lot much more of the shipping process yourself. For instance, it will be down to you to calculate which container you will be ordering, you will be total the documentation and export customs entry also.

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