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The most popular component of Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary and what tends to make it distinctive is the massive flocks of Rainbow Lorikeets which come to feast there every day.

This is not the only attraction that is featured at this 27 hectare landscaped sanctuary. It presently houses much more than 1400 Australian mammals, birds and reptiles in their all-natural habitat. This makes it a fantastic destination for households on holiday who want something thrilling and various to do for the day.

Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary was opened as just a bird sanctuary in 1947 and was an try to quit the Lorikeets from consuming all the local flowers. This has now turn out to be a tradition at the sanctuary and the Rainbow Lorikeets are fed a unique food mixture that they love, twice a day each day by the visitors to the park and the staff.

The park is a strictly non-profit organisation meaning that any ticket or pass you buy, the revenue is used to help the animals in their care. It also funds their animal hospital which is the largest in the world and assists a lot of animals each year, making it a worthy cause to donate to.

More than the years the sanctuary has grown to house many native species of Australia including Tasmanian Devils, Koalas, Emus, Kangaroos, Wombats and Dingos. This not only allows them to live longer, safer lives it also offers a huge variety for visitors to see when they arrive at the sanctuary.

At the sanctuary, because there is so a lot choice they have made it feasible for you to buy an 'Experience Pass' that allows you to make your own experience for the day. This consists of selecting exactly where you want to go and when you want to see things. This is a great thing as you can see attractions like the giant salt water crocodiles becoming fed, the free flight bird show, have dingo encounters and participate in the globe well-known Lorikeet feeding.

Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary is an incredible location for the family to go to while on holiday. It is the most southern of the Gold Coast Theme Parks just off the Gold Coast highway only five minutes drive from the Gold Coast Airport at Tugun. There is a small shuttle train that continually runs visitors around the park to save having to leg it everywhere.

Come and hand feed the kangaroos or cuddle a Koala, or just marvel at the black and brown snakes, amongst the most deadly snake species on the planet.

There are a number of food and drink outlets all through the park plus a large play area for the kids.

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