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Unfortunately, the home industry is awash with lots of technical jargon, which can confuse even the most intrepid flat owner. Nevertheless, it pays to know a little about these terms, as much more and much more of us are turning to block management businesses in order to much more effectively handle our blocks - but what precisely is "block management?"

Quite obviously a block management company will help residents to handle the completely of their block. Numerous residents, understandably, might find the idea of handing more than the control of their block to a home company a small difficult to swallow however there are plenty of reasons why a block management company could really save you time, difficulty and perhaps even a small cash.

It's worth considering the variety of activities that go into the efficient management of a block of flats:

Rent and service charge must be collected: it can be tough collecting the ground rent and the right quantity of service charge in a block of flats. Let's face it, no-1 wants to be the one to be the one who takes cash out of their neighbour's pockets.

Sustaining a single home can be difficult, even for the keenest DIY enthusiast. So envision the difficulty involved in taking care of maintenance for a whole block of flats, managing internal and external repairs, hiring contractors etc price successfully and with the agreement of all the other residents in your block.

Even with the best will and intentions, living in close proximity with your neighbours can lead to all sorts of issues, whether they be emotional, monetary, to do with the condition of yourblock. For instance, maybe your neighbours are noisy, have pets they're not supposed to (i.e. they are in breach of their lease) or they are causing a general nuisance.

Nonetheless really feel like managing your block? Nicely fortunately a block management business can handle all these activities and more, no longer do residents have to go through a laborious decision procedure as to how much the service charge should be, or which contractors to hire, block management companies can help you with all of this.

Of course block management businesses price money, and with small regulation some managing agents should be avoided. With this in mind, in order to ensure that you choose the right management company for block, look for guarantees such as "less expensive than managing agents or your cash back.