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And as one of Michael Kors history of the most classic package CYNTHIA series, once introduced because of its simple silhouette and feminine metal chain design are unanimously loved, and the "killer bag" SUTTON, "ear package" SELMA become A model star most, but also many people buy MK's entry point choice. This season's new fresh meat pink and sky blue and snakeskin models, are stylish and feminine, will be fresh and sexy women, such as a fresh sweep of the net.

MK Cynthia handbags is one of the classic American Michael Kors luxury brand. Simple profile, smooth and rich texture of Saffiano leather with Title Loaded From File elegant metal chain design, very suitable for young and trendy urban workers to use. Top with arched leather buckle, double handle and adjustable shoulder strap design, both portable and shoulder. Cynthia bags models both classic black and white, but also in different quarters launched a variety of bright colors, fashionable and practical American style, doing my part to become a must-have Michael Kors single product.